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Chapter 02 - Origin - Page 07
(Posted on: 05.12.2010, 22:13:29)

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Posted on: 05.12.2010, 22:21:29
Phew... Just in time
I barely did this comic in time. I had to work all the night, but it's done. I haven't idea for last panel, so did poem instead. I hope it's good one ;-). Also soon there will be also new layout soon. Here you have live preview of it. Sorry for keeping you waiting, but I just had too less free time, so couldn't work on it (this + laziness + writer's block). Anyway, I hope I won't get (b)eaten for being such a lazy hog ;-).

Have a nice day,
Dariusz "Darkhog" Jagielski.

P.S. It's 5:21 AM here, so I'll better get some sleep.

P.S. #2: How do you like the new speechbubbles?

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Posted on: 13.12.2010, 04:17:52
Comic will be next week
Sorry, I had busy time at school, so had no time to make comic in time (sorry for my grammar here). But I'll try to make comic at next monday.

Posted on: 07.12.2010, 02:15:03
Back to the real world...
Ahh... No comments, as usual...
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