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Chapter 02 - Origin - Page 08
(Posted on: 27.12.2010, 02:20:41)

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Posted on: 26.12.2010, 18:52:41
I barely did it in time, like last time. I'll consider making update every 2 weeks, instead every week, if I'll be out of time like now.

Anyway... Will Jack cough? Or will I decide to not reuse old joke and make something new? What'll happen to Jack next time? Stay tuned to Moved to the Dragon world to find out!

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Posted on: 01.01.2011, 19:01:37
I know that is Sunday, but I think I'll be not able to do comic in time, because I didn't start it yet (I have only basic things as comic/chapter name, site address and page number). So it'll be next week.

Really sorry.

Posted on: 04.01.2011, 09:18:15
Speedball (Guest)  
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Well! Thanks for reading through all of my comic. I'll check out yours too. Though, you really need to change the background color for this page. The red scales aren't easy on the eyes.
Posted on: 04.01.2011, 10:29:13
Sure. What color do you propose?
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