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Chapter 02 - Origin - Page 09
(Posted on: 10.01.2011, 02:00:11)

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Posted on: 06.01.2011, 22:08:11
Finished on friday
Phew... It's good to make comic earlier than usual. But I think I'll stick to making comic every two weeks, because if I want to make it every week I'd either dump school or make worser art than now. Both of them I don't want to. By the way - I'd like to invite you to my friend's webcomic called The Dragon Doctors. Please visit it and read. It's very amusing!

So The Commity has agents in very high places. Literally and metaphorically. But are they good or just lie to Jack to gain his trust? You'll see it in Moved to the Dragon World!

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Posted on: 19.01.2011, 01:21:13
New comic will be at Monday
New comic is already made and will be up at next Monday, thanks to smackjeeves' scheduling feature. From now on we will go with two weeks route, because I really don't have time to make new pages every week.

Posted on: 10.01.2011, 09:53:30
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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Hey you decided to keep working on the comic! :)
And you got half transparent speech bubbles!
Hmm... A traveller gene... I hope Jack decideds to use it!... Though it's no good if he has to leave Albreth behind, I like him =)
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