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Chapter 02 - Origin - Page 10 (SPONSORED)
(Posted on: 24.01.2011, 01:05:26)

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Posted on: 19.01.2011, 01:14:35
New page
All work and no fun made Jack a dull boy. Speaking of fun, check out MyCrossSoft Games. This is site with my flashgames. And Speech-To-Text software I mentioned above is Festival. Obviously it wasn't good choice, because I spell my name with Polish phonetics.

So what Jack'll decide? Will he join program or no? Stay tuned to the Moved to the Dragon world!

Have a nice day,
Dariusz G. Jagielski.

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Posted on: 24.01.2011, 11:53:44
Sorry for ads
but I had to do that in order to make little money out of this comic. If you want to support my efforts, and make me understand that I have to make new pages, please click 'em (especially that little button at the very bottom of page)

Posted on: 30.01.2011, 03:38:17
Formspring page and adverts removed
This advert banner-ring type site seems to not work with smackjeeves, so I've removed them. For some reason it didn't detect their code I've put on site and because I didn't receive answer from system owner (not sj, banner-ring) why it doesn't work I decided to remove those not working ads from site. Also I added over every comic page link to my Formspring page where you can ask me questions about comic and whatever else you want to ask me. If it work out I may also set up pages for Jack and even Albreth to bring you more fun.

Posted on: 27.01.2011, 13:56:01
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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New page!!!
(And there's nothing wrong with a little advertisment, inside or outside comic strips =P)
Posted on: 03.02.2011, 04:13:55
No comic, sorry
There will be no comic next week. Sorry. I really thought I will be able to finish it in time, but I guess I have too much work... I'll try to cook something up on February 14th, but I am unsure if I'll be able. Sorry. I regret that I have too many tasks and too little time.
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