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Chapter 02 - Origin - Out of comic #2 - sprite time
(Posted on: 15.02.2011, 02:47:35)

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Posted on: 15.02.2011, 02:47:35
Sorry I didn't updated yesterday. I had very busy time and didn't have time even to make proper Out of Comic (that's why I used sprites).

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Posted on: 15.02.2011, 04:21:55
Formspring widget
From now on instead of formspring link, you have widget so you will be able to ask me questions easier. I may adjust its size later.

Posted on: 15.02.2011, 06:51:08
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
Dragon-fan (Guest) avatar
If Albreth at the author... That would be one strange paradox.
Posted on: 15.02.2011, 17:15:43
Not really, Dragon-fan. First, this already happened, I just delivering the story to all of you, second this is just a filler or as I like to call it an Out of Comic and has nothing to do with actual story.
Posted on: 17.02.2011, 09:13:53
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
Dragon-fan (Guest) avatar
I know, I know! I'm just messing with you! I was just specualting what *would* happen... For if there was no one to write him, then Albreth would not exist as such.
But I'm probably thinking too much about this =P
Posted on: 18.02.2011, 15:20:39
Duder (Guest)  
You fucking suck
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This comic is shit, and I didn't even have to read one word of it to tell. Don't advertise your shit on other people's comics you asstoad.
Posted on: 18.02.2011, 16:34:49
Oh well...
If you don't like my comic, then why you read it? I'll leave this comment as example how NOT to make comments.

Next comments in similar tone will be removed.
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