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Chapter 03 - School - Chapter Cover
(Posted on: 07.03.2011, 03:27:25)

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Posted on: 07.03.2011, 03:34:25
So Jack is going to school...
Like I said, I've started new chapter of MTDW. I was afraid that I not gonna make cover in time, but finished it just minute ago.

Well... Jack didn't exactly graduate in his world, so he have to go back to school. Will it be different than in his world? Or Jack will be treated like Lan... again? And no, I didn't meant Lan from Megaman Battle Network...

Stay tuned to the Moved to the Dragon World and have a nice day!
Dariusz "Darkhog" Jagielski.

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Posted on: 07.03.2011, 10:16:05
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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Well done with this cover page, I think it looks relly good! It's nice to see Jack bigger and his expression is perfect.
But what does the copybook say? I'm curious to know.
Posted on: 07.03.2011, 20:44:31
Look closely
This is not gibberish lines, it's actual text. I know it is hard to read, but it is readable. Maybe try zooming.
Posted on: 11.03.2011, 13:36:41
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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I knew it wasn't gibberish, but couldn't make it out either. I tried to zoom, but still no luck apart from maybe 'did' on the second line and possibly 'got' on the third (I *think*)
Any chance of you simply telling me? =)
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