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(Posted on: 04.04.2011, 07:14:02)

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Posted on: 01.04.2011, 16:25:36
You should've be able to tell that was April's fool prank by prices I've written in Friday's comic. If not I feel sorry for you. Also from now on you can donate me via paypal if you want.

So will Jack find good friends here? Find out on 18th April on Moved to the Dragon World!

See ya!
Dariusz "Darkhog" G. Jagielski

P.S.: I've recently found two strange films on YT presenting, hm... specific teory about dragons. If you want to see it... Film 1 Film 2

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Posted on: 06.04.2011, 10:00:40
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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I hope this will be a nice school for Jack, despite the graffiti all over it...
Posted on: 17.04.2011, 10:22:40
adiblol (Guest)  
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In Poland there is Window$ operating system in every computer of every school, I hope dragon schools use GNU/Linux or BSD.

Pozdrowienia z Polski ;)
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