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Chapter 03 - School - Page 03
(Posted on: 18.04.2011, 06:13:47)

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Posted on: 17.04.2011, 14:49:17
Stupid mistake of mine last week
---------------------Darkhog's whining begins here (if you don't want to read it, scroll down)

When I started to make this comic last week I accidentally overwritten Chapter 03 Page 02's project file so if someone will take care of translations will have to do some graphical mambo-jumbo on this to replace texts. Yeah, I know that this is stupid mistake and I regret it but it happened. Now I've written script which copy project files to dropbox every time I log in so this won't happen again.

--------------------Darkhog's whining ends here

On comic note, I must say I drew black dragon first time so it didn't turn out well, but hopefully Wisroth will look better over time.

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Posted on: 18.04.2011, 13:29:44
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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I wonder what happened to Ghrandis?? Wasn't he the guy in the portrait a few pages back?

And Jack got a new t-shirt for school =)

If I knew how to help you I would... But I only know basic stuff about computers... :(
Posted on: 18.04.2011, 14:28:14
Actually the name of this guy is Grandis. It's just Wisroth's accent that's distorts everything. And for restoring overwritten files I don't think that there's something you can do (and even if there's little chance to restore it, I bet that HDD blocks which was used for page 02 project file were overwritten many times already so file in best scenario will come out corrupted)
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