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Chapter 03 - School - Out of comic - Dragon sketch
(Posted on: 23.05.2011, 03:13:03)

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Posted on: 20.05.2011, 18:18:03
Sorry for hiatus...
I am pretty busy lately with making Polish Stencyl community and don't have time for comic. So instead of regular story I'll just add this partially unfinished dragon sketch (unfinished because my gelpen ran out of fuel before I was able to take care of right wing). This dragon has slightly different anathomy than MTDW dragons, but I think he's looking more like real dragons.

Also I'm working on MTDW-related animation so you may see something on YT soon.

Posted on: 23.06.2018, 04:42:59

Posted on: 03.06.2011, 10:31:22
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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Cool, pity about the pen running out... I hate it when that happens!
Any estimate of when comic pages will start up again??

Post a link here when the animation is done =)
Posted on: 03.06.2011, 16:44:11
Actually I started to make it, but I won't have time to finish it, but maybe will be up in Monday, maybe Tuesday. If not, check back in week.
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