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Chapter 03 - School - Page 04
(Posted on: 06.06.2011, 20:26:20)

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Posted on: 06.06.2011, 20:30:20
At least on Tuesday...
I am grateful that I made it on Tuesday.

Note that whiteness of Wisroth's wings coming from the light behind him. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my dramatically bad skill at drawing black dragons. Really & for sure.

I know that my facial expressions suck in second panel but this is best I could good.

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Posted on: 20.06.2011, 01:14:15
No page this week. I'll try to make one next week, but now...

Anyway, if you want to see why certain comic author was so lazy busy recently click here.

Posted on: 07.06.2011, 06:10:46
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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Yay, a new page!! =)

And, as for the second panel I would say that it's not that bad, but could be improved if Wisroth's eyes were looking at Jack, not the ceiling as it were.

As for the lighting, showing that there was a light, like a flouresent tube would help the audience realise what the white was, and help you work out where to put the highlights in... But the lighting in the last panel looks good to me, as does the expression =)

Hope this helps you!
Looking forward to page 5! =D
Posted on: 31.01.2018, 23:54:30
Johne588 (Guest)  
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