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Chapter 03 - School - HotDW #1
(Posted on: 19.09.2011, 00:06:24)

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Posted on: 18.09.2011, 14:38:24
Didn't want to put another filler, because my comic is to irregular for those and frankly only Dragon-fan reads it (if anyone else read it, please post "I read it" in comment - maybe I'll have motivation to work on actual story again) so I've made up this little history arc. After it'll be finished, I'll set-up either separate chapter for it or site if it'll be too big for chapter (may be).

Next page of HotDW is scheduled to October, 3rd.

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Posted on: 20.09.2011, 11:43:57
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
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Don't give up! You're getting better all the time and I really want to see what happens next! =)

It'll be cool to see some more of the history of the world :)
How old is Albreth BTW?
Posted on: 01.10.2011, 18:33:47
adiblol (Guest)  
I read it!
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I'm Debian GNU/Linux user. Keep including these anti-Window$ allusions! I like texts like "looking exactly like windows 98 critical bluescreen" or "starting microsoft linux".
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