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Chapter 01 - The boy - MTDW - Chapter 01: The boy, page 01
(Posted on: 31.12.2009, 17:00:32)

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Posted on: 30.12.2009, 04:14:27
So the story has started :).
(This is first page, I hope that'll you enjoy it. Next updates will be on every mon & fri at 12:00PM, this is first release, so it's an exception)

First of all I have to thank to Sameth, Sycle, Fany for the inspiration and SmackJeeves.com for hosting this comic. Yep, Jack's live was really hard, I don't wish that even to worst enemy. Sorry for the penguin in the last frame, but I really had no idea, what I can put there. What will happen next? Be patient, and you'll see. This comic will be updated on mondays and fridays. I drew more than this page and uploaded with future dates to build a cache in case that I'll have troubles with Internet again (I have it very often). Now... I looking for layout designer, because smacjeeves' public layouts really sucks. This one was most good layout, that is on the list. And sorry for my English, but I'm Polish and I still learning.

P.S. I know, my perspective sucks

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