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Chapter 01 - The boy - MTDW - Chapter 01: The boy, page 02
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Posted on: 30.12.2009, 04:20:46
So we have second page!
Jack is soooo lucky. But why there were a normal-sized table, candle, and haystack? About haystack, I'll tell you, that at first I wanted bed there, but this would be too much lucky for one time. Table and a candle... Yeah, there is a reason. This reason will be revealed in one of future comics. Stay tuned, updates at Mondays and Fridays. Now about the fourth frame. In second row I planned three panels, but I thought, that I will have troubles with filling them all, and it will end like last time (the "Tux" situation), so I moved second panel a bit to the right. In this frame also we see also whole Jack. On the first page I mentioned, that he like Linux, now we know also what distribution he likes. Why he's so different that on several first panels of first page? That also will be revealed. Stay tuned, and don't forgot that I need your feedback (positive or _constructive_ negative). I remind you also that I need layout designer who know how to make smackjeeves layout. Graphics I'll make by myself, but somebody must put it somehow together, because public layouts sucks. Have nice day!

Dariusz G. Jagielski

Posted on: 23.06.2018, 04:44:44