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Chapter 01 - The boy - MTDW - Chapter 01, page 03
(Posted on: 08.01.2010, 05:00:58)

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Posted on: 30.12.2009, 04:23:58
Dragons are coming!
So we already met dragons... I must admit that I have problems with perspective, so give me a break, ok? I'll also give reward to first person who will tell me what game's title screen was inspired me to drew 4th panel. Reward is a surprise and don't ask me what it is, because I won't tell you. A little hint - this game was one of first games with 3D graphics. Reward may not come just after answer, because I have troubles with Internet, and this comic is sheduled (very nice function of smackjeeves), but I'll send it. And sorry for too long legs in the last two panels - this shouldn't be like that, but I discovered it next day after I finished page and I'm too lazy to draw it again (if you look carefully you'll see that I am even used the same panel with little modification :( )

Posted on: 23.06.2018, 04:43:16