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Chapter 01 - The boy - MTDW - Chapter 01, page 04
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Posted on: 30.12.2009, 04:26:42
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Did you see that bar on the bottom? That's right! From time to time I'll give you addresses of another good webcomics about dragons. You can visit them while waiting for new update. Today's comics are pretty neat. Dragon City is webcomic about dragon family who livin' in the secret of humans. And Dragon Tails is very good comic about eight (I hope, that I didn't make mistake) young dragon brothers, crazy squirell, a robot and some other funny characters. On the other hand... today page... Jack had a little chat with this red dragon, who become another main character. How so? And what's his name? On the second question you should know answer, if you read carefully previous page. On the first... I say one thing: Stay tuned and be patient. Everything will be clear soon. I remind again, that I need layout designer who know smackjeeves template system. Graphics I can make by myself, but someone must make layout from it. Because I don't have premium or sponsor account all layout graphic will land on imageshack, for the css I have server.
And again I copied several times one panel... But this time it suited the story.

Have nice day,
Dariusz G. Jagielski

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