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Chapter 01 - The boy - MTDW - Chapter 01, page 06
(Posted on: 18.01.2010, 05:00:07)

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Posted on: 13.01.2010, 07:21:07
So we are already in Albreth's apartment! This chapter will be over soon. Again I copied some panels, but it's not a problem, I think. I'm writing this message when my internet is crashed, so if the comic update is a bit late don't hate me, ok :)? I think also, that my graphic skills are improving - look at panel 6 and 7 (bottom row). What will happen next? Stay tuned and you'll see!

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Graphics for the layout are ready now, so I need now only person who put it all together as working smackjeeves layout. CSS and images will be put on other server, because I have no money for sponsor/donator/whatever or premium account, so you know. For images I probably use imageshack. CSS either I put dircetly into code between style tags or, if someone give me file hosting what give address like http://filehosting.com/file.ext (between domain and filename may be of course some directories, but the point is that I could put my css so it will be accessible for firefox). Of course I may use one of webhostigs, but I don't know any free hosting service that allow me put only files without site.