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Chapter 02 - Origin - Page 02
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Skauzne (Guest)  
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Hi. I just saw your comic. Despite the fact the dragons are weird looking I like their scale designs. Also I like the plot and the big posibilities, about jack having to adapt to such place, and what dragons might do with him.
Just a petition: you could do the text a little bit bigger so it would be easier to read?. Im not an english spoken native (or whatever that should be said) but I detect a few minor gramar error in the speches.

To sum it up: I like this comic.
Posted on: 24.04.2010, 05:18:39
Hello, Skauzne
About font size - Ctrl + + and ctrl+mouse scroll is your friend. About grammar... I don't speak English native either. If you would look at my name, you'll see that ist a Polish name. So sorry everyone for grammar and maybe spelling (but i don't think that here any) mistakes. Also please register on smackjeeves to become a fan of this comic!
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