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Chapter 02 - Origin - Page 04
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Posted on: 01.05.2010, 21:18:14
It Become Interesting (IBI)
Who is this blue dragon? What are his intentions? Who is his "boss"? Want to know? Stay tuned to the Moved to The Dragon World webcomic.
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Posted on: 03.05.2010, 12:41:23
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That blue dragon looks creepy, despite the fact I only saw his/her neck.
Also, Im sorry I can´t help you, I has no idea about how to program, or do anything like that
Posted on: 06.05.2010, 03:43:18
If you want to fav this - you need to register on smackjeeves.com
Posted on: 06.05.2010, 09:52:31
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I have registered but I don´t see any "Fav this" button anywhere, only five buttons for Tweeter, Facebook, reddit, "Stumble this!" and "Digg this!" I don´t recall in which one (reddit or stumble) I wrote a review, but I don´t has either Tweeter or facebook, a little help?
Posted on: 06.05.2010, 14:08:54
Ok, Skauzne - click this: http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=69327 and click Add to favorites on the right ("Stats" box)
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