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Chapter 02 - Origin - MTDW - Out Of Comic #1
(Posted on: 08.06.2010, 04:42:05)

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Posted on: 08.06.2010, 04:49:05
Sorry for so long hiatus, but I had "writer's block", so instead of regular comic I created this. From now every time I will be too lazy to make regular comic, I create out of comic jokes which are not connected with the story.

About this one: I wanted to learn how to do human characters from front which are larger than few pixels. Oh, and Jack got sleep suit!

I had it done yesterday, but forgotten to upload, so sorry.

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Posted on: 08.06.2010, 23:36:20
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I was about to say "Alternative: Linux vista" but actually such thing does exists.
Posted on: 09.06.2010, 02:10:16
Linux Vista?
I heard only about Linux XP which looks exactly like winXP and with similar behavior (-security issues, because it's linux). And by the way - bootscreen was based on Win7 logo.
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