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Chapter 02 - Origin - Page 06
(Posted on: 14.06.2010, 01:09:49)

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Posted on: 14.06.2010, 01:25:49
Bad Jack...
This one I had to done a weeks ago, but instead I made Out Of comic. Well... I love to make this comic and I am happy that I have AT LEAST one reader. Skauzne, can you tell your friends about this comic? They don't have to be registered on Smackjeeves to comment. I need feedback, positive or negative (and if negative then constructive). Also I need layout for my comic - see this smackjeeves forum topic for more info. If some advanced smackjeeves user is reading this and he/she is bored, then please make it, because I know little to nothing (x)html and if comes to CSS... You know. I changed template to other default theme, but I really want made that one I requested

Have a nice day, Dariusz G. Jagielski

P.S.: And for those who wonder what my name's pronunciation is, click here.

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Posted on: 15.06.2010, 20:19:11
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There is something I think you should consider. I found dragon city and jix two years ago or so. By that time, dragon city was on for Three years. So, when I found out I started to read them from the beginning. The same applies for Dragon tails, Draconia chronicles, and Catharsis comics. You might not have readers right away, but maybe in some months... The important thing is that you should enjoy what you re doing, regardless how many (if any) readers are watching it right now.

Unfortunately, None of my friends are both interested in comics and know english at the same time. But I will try to spread the word anyways.

Keep on!
Posted on: 18.06.2010, 14:48:41
Fany (Guest)  
Keep on!
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Don't worry, Rave, readers will come. The most important thing is that you enjoy doing the comic. My comic was getting its readers very hard as well. Let's see what we can do about this...
Do you have a banner? I can put in on my website.
Your jokes are great, especially the unexpected ones like the dragons' pockets. This makes one of the strenghts of your comic.
As I wrote in the Dragon Heroes forum, I think the most discouraging thing is that there is too much text and it is very small and the font is hard to read. When writing the script, I always ask myself twice: is it really necessary information? Hasn't it been said before or won't it be repeated in an upcoming page? Wouldn't it be better to draw an image of it instead of telling it? Suprisingly, just by asking these questions I reduced for example Crow from 55 pages to only 30.
One more thing that may help you: try thinking of the path the reader's eyes make when reading the page. Make sure your reader always knows which bubble or panel read next.
Unfortunately, I cannot help with Smackjeeves, I never tried it ^^'
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