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Chapter 02 - Origin - Postcard
(Posted on: 21.06.2010, 05:00:55)

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Posted on: 18.06.2010, 10:19:55
You got a postcard!
Hee, hee... Now I'm up to making flash cartoon (not related to MTDW, but related to dragons), so I have to suspend comic for a while. But I promise that I'll be back to making MTDW on Semptember at the latest (not sure about grammar in the last sentence, so if I wrong, fix me).

Posted on: 23.06.2018, 04:48:22

Posted on: 24.07.2010, 08:14:52
Looking for fan-art
I now looking for MTDW fanart in case that I'll have no time for comic update/will be too lazy for it. If you want to have fanart here, please send submissions at rave002@o2.removeitifyourenotspambot.pl

(remove .removeitifyourenotspambot text from address, this is safety for spambots)

Posted on: 24.08.2010, 22:44:04
Comic updating...
There is possibility that I could not update comic (I have partially new page done, but don't have time to finish it), because from now on I going to computer studies and this combining with my other, new hobby called Stencyl...

Anyway, please send fanart to rave002@o2.pl if you want to see it here.

Posted on: 21.06.2010, 18:06:14
Skauzne (Guest)  
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Posted on: 21.06.2010, 18:48:03
Thanks, Skauzne. By the way - font I used for postcard message is Lucida Handwriting
Posted on: 17.07.2010, 06:23:59
Dragon-fan (Guest)  
Dragon-fan (Guest) avatar
Hi just found this comic, can't wait for it to come back!
I love all things dragon so this is good! Your art has really improved since the beginning, many comics start like this and improve greatly and get many readers, the most important thing is the story which you have... You will improve with time and practise, so just enjoy yourself!!!!!
Posted on: 18.07.2010, 21:38:50
Thanks, Dragon-fan
I really appreciate that comment. I'd even appreciate it if it would be critical, because I need all feedback, I can get. Comic will be on September, or if I'd very bored earlier, but first I must draw some comic cache.
Posted on: 23.07.2010, 13:39:43
Dragon-Fan (Guest)  
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Happy to help Darkhog! But I cannot help with any technical things like Smakjeeves... I do have some experiance with Gimp though, so if you have a problem with it, I can at least try to give advice!!!
The only critcal things I could comment on are that you need more practise, and me saying that is not much use seeing as you're improving anyway =)
But, some things you might want to consider are:
For the background, put shading under objects like tables and such, because you already have shading on the characters and you don't want the characters to look 'out of place' with the background.
And also, like I said, I'm not very technical, so I am not so familier with Linux, and many others too aren't... You may want to create an extra page with an explaination, or have Jack have a special page in the comic where he explains, so everyone can enjoy the Linux jokes!
I know your English right now is not so good, (And I know Enlish is a hard language!) but when you improve it may be a good idea to go back and correct some grammer mistakes, everything is understandable, but if you want to sound proffessional, it would be a good idea to correct the grammer.
One more idea may be to have transparent speech bubbles so you can still see the picture behind them...
Apart from that just keep playing around with your format and style until you find one that works for you!!
I hope these comments help, you did ask for critical after all! :)
I hope I don't sound too harsh, I still like this comic, it's a good start for one! And I look forward to seeing what happens next, in September!!
Posted on: 24.07.2010, 08:10:55
Thank you, Dragon-fan. I already have in one comic half-transparent bubbles. I will someday rework all pages for half-transp bubbles, because I still have plain XCF files. About shading of bgs... This is something I always want to do, but keep forgetting ;( (again, some pages have it). Special page about Linux... Well, I think there are too much to explain. My proposal: Try start with http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/ and then look for other linux pages, because there is too much to explain.

Thanks also for your proposal about helping with gimp, but I can use it just fine for me. My art problems can be also effect of using only mouse, not tablet (I had one, but it worked only with window$, so I sold it on Allegro - this is polish ebay-like site). I saving money for new one which will work on linux, but this will take some time, since I am poor.

And English is not that hard. Try to learn Polish and then we'll talk which language is hard (I am from Poland, but for other nations Polish is really hard).
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